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Groups in Local Replica of Domino Directory
~Delores Minfreeverikle 01/07/2004 01:50 AM
Notes Client 6.0.2 CF2 Windows XP

Hi all, i have two qns.
hope i can get some help.

I replicate a copy of the Domino Directory on to local. I have groups in the address book.

In ISLAND mode, the local replica of the address book will be used. I realise that when i sent a mail to a group account in ISLAND mode, the group account will be expanded out to email addresses of each individual member in the group.

Is this the normal behaviour? Is there anyway i can stop this from happening? I want the receiver to see only a single group account name in the "TO" field, instead of all the email addresses in the expanded group name.

2) Second qn.
Even in OFFICE mode, when i have both Server and Local replica of address book available. i note that the local replica will be search first. After reading some documentation, i realised that this is the default behaviour in Notes.

in my Location preferences document, i set lookup to exhaustively search all address books. This seems to force the client to use the server address book. What i want is that client should use the server address book if it is available. Am i doing it correctly?

Thanks for any help rendered


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